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1.  33 Minutes and 20 Seconds With Connie Conway-unplayed  By Connie Conway
2.  Blessed Quietness  By The Savettes
3.  Boogaloo Down Broadway-still sealed  By The Fantastic Johnny C
4.  Magic Sounds of Pierre Cavalii-unplayed  By Pierre Cavalli
5.  Music For Dreaming and Dancing-unplayed  By Francois Vermeille
6.  Oh How It Hurts-new unplayed 180-gram remastered LP  By Barbara Mason
7.  Old n Golden Greatest Hits LP-still sealed 19 track LP  By Old n Golden
8.  Sound Off - The Jamie Masters  By Titus Turner
9.  The Delfonics Return  By Delfonics
10.  The Horse LP-still sealed  By Cliff Nobles
11.  Time Out For Tears  By Savannah Churchill
12.  To Understand Is To Love- New Hope LP still sealed  By The Kit Kats
13.  Yes, I'm Ready-new unplayed 180-gram remastered LP  By Barbara Mason


1.  "Boogaloo Down Broadway" b/w "Look What Love Can Make You Do"-unplayed  By The Fantastic Johnny C
2.  "Funky Junky" b/w "Composition Seven (Prelude)" Unplayed DJ  By Magnum
3.  "Hitch It To The Horse" b/w "Cool Broadway"-unplayed  By The Fantastic Johnny C
4.  "Instead How Are You" b/w "I Don't Mind Doin' It"  By Coalitions
5.  HONEY & THE BEES 45 - DJ 2-PACK  By Honey And The Bees
6.  MAGNUM 45 "EVOLUTION"  By Cliff Nobles
7.  Music (Makes You Wanna Dance)  By Honey And The Bees
8.  Stock unplayed "Funky Junky" b/w "Composition Seven (Prelude)"  By Magnum
9.  Unplayed - Ethics 106 "I Want My Baby Back" b/w "Farewell"  By The Ethics
10.  Unplayed "Do It To Me One More Time" b/w "Somebody Done Took My Baby and Gone"  By Joey Gilmore
11.  Unplayed- "Right on the Tip of My Tongue" b/w "Always & Forever"  By Brenda And The Tabulations
12.  Unplayed-"I Don't Mind Doin' It" b/w "What Goes Up"  By Jackie Lavant and the Fashions
13.  Unplayed-"I Likes To Do It" b/w "Big Ladies Man"  By Peoples Choice
14.  Unplayed-"If You Ain't Gettin' Your Thing" b/w Part 2  By L J Waiters and the Electrifiers
15.  Unplayed-"It's As Simple As That" b/w "I've Got Enough Sense"  By Delights
16.  Unplayed-"Nobody Wins" b/w "One Minute of Your Time"  By Cynthia Sheeler
17.  Unplayed-"Running and Hiding" b/w "Sweet Sweet Memories"   By Bob Green
18.  Unplayed-"Tell Her" b/w "We Belong Together" DJ  By Paradise
19.  Unplayed-"The Horse (vocal)" b/w "The Mule"  By James Boys
20.  Unplayed-"Um Um Darling" b/w "I've Got To Find a Place"  By Marla Debrick
21.  Unplayed-"Why Do You Hurt the One Who Loves You" b/w (You Better) Go Now"  By Honey And The Bees
22.  Unplayed-Black print one side Blue print other side "Soul Groove" Parts 1 and 2   By Teddy and the Fingerpoppers